Imperial Beach Preschool




Imperial Beach Preschool is committed to the intellectual, social, psychological and physical development of each child. The program is designed to meet the developmental needs of children 2 years to 5 years old. Our curriculum enhances and enriches each child’s language, creative, social-emotional, and cognitive development.  Children are given the opportunity to explore their environment, learn problem solving skills, develop personal interaction skills, learn many new concepts, as well as create through firsthand experience.


Our staff serves as positive role models and provides care that is supportive, nurturing and responsive to each child’s individual needs.  We respect parents as the primary and most important provider of care.  We believe that parents and teachers are partners in a child’s care and education.  With proper balance in the curriculum, we help our children to grow into responsible, caring, self-directed, and decision making individuals who will take an active role in our community and in our society.